Adding bubble notification in Message list

Is it possible to add bubble notification like this

I want to add to add bubble notification in the navbar of

How to add an element in the navbar?

Didn’t get what you need, there is a Notification and Badge

I’m using framework V1 I didn’t see the badge. Can I copy the code from the current version to V1.

Yes I want to have badge and the count in my message list.

I’m still using the V1 coz we found f7 during its early stage and I found it really awesome. We are doing some updates to the look of our site which is built under f7 v1 and one of the improvements we want to add is having a badge.

Badge is available in v1, check these demos

@nolimits4web Can I make the badge expand where a list of notification items are displayed. I’m thinking like how the badge of facebook works.