Advice for compose pages

Hi, I need advice for composition of my pages and views.
I have a 3 tab-views. It’s not a problem to create it, docs describe it case very good.
But what about if I have tour-view (as slider with 3-5 slides) and login-view with several pages (some-info-page, login-form-page, welcome-page).
Do I have to create my login-view inside div with login-screen class aside “tabs-views” or I have to create custom view and create my pages inside it?
Now I create my login-view with one page and 3 tabs (routed) inside it (some-info-tab, login-form-tab, welcome-page-tab).
Is it right solution? Is there some other variants?
Also, when I leave page with filled form and go back, form clean due to ajax loading of html. May I should save data of form in localStorage, like pointed here or there is more ease way? (