after using pushStateSeparator" " withe empty. showing a blank page.

hey. I’m using framework7 for a long time.
and I love it too much.
now I’m creating a website using it. and I’m facing a problem with Router.
actually when I’m using this.

    pushState: true,
    pushStateSeparator: '',
    pushStateRoot: 'http://localhost:8080',

and going to this URL or like same
it’s showing me a blank page.
and on the real server, it’s showing me page not found.

I read a lot of forum post but I can’t fix it.
please help me.

Do you need to use https instead?

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thank you so much for the reply.
yes, I need it.
this is the site that I created using framework7

You need to configure your server to correctly handle such case, server needs to respond with index.html when any other route requested. Consult your server implementation docs on how to do it.

For local server, if it is a webpack you need to enable historyApiFallback

thank you so much for your reply.