I’m using jQuery AJAX, and PHP. The codes are perfectly running on the browser but not on the phone ( both Android and iOS ). Thanks in advance.


<div class="page no-navbar no-swipeback home-admin-page">
	<div class="page-content home-admin-page-content">
		<div id="output"></div>
		<div id="message"></div>
		<button id="loadNew">Load New User</button>

return {
	on: {
		pageInit: function() {
			$( '#loadNew' ).click( function() {
				app.request.get('pages/get.php', function (data) {
					console.log('Load was performed');


$rows = "hi";

print json_encode($rows);

It should be fairly simple question. Why is anyone not helping?

Куда по вашему указывает этот URL, когда приложение запущено в телефоне?

Please check the phone browser console to see the issues and errors

Hello Vladimir,

On the browser it’s fetching the data as it should be but when I created an apk, it can’t process any of the PHP code.

It’s a reference to PHP file. Should I see it somewhere?

Если вы запускаете приложение, то путь к файлу должен быть абсолютный.

Hello Sergey,

Thank you so much, I’ve moved the PHP file to a server, now it’s all working! You saved me a lot of trouble!