Ajax Requests on IOS not working

I am trying to get data from an external url but it won’t work on iPhone emulator or device. I have the whitelist plugin installed and I have tried a number of different Content-Security-Policy tag combinations I found on the forum. none of them work, Android ajax works without a Content-Security-Policy tag at all. I’ve tried some combinations of access origin and allow-intent in my config with no effect except sometimes the android/browser ajax breaks.

I am building using Cordova

Example Snippet of usage

function getLogList(field, fieldVal, title){
app.request.get(‘https://evolveplay.wpengine.com/wp-json/jonesapp/v2/appdata’, function (data) {
var data = JSON.parse(data);
// Do stuff

$$(’.log-call-details’).on(‘click’, ‘.popup-log-call’, function (e) {
var field = $$(this).data(‘field’);
var fieldVal = $$(this).data(‘value’);
getLogList(field, fieldVal, ‘Select Site’);

Check console in Safari dev tools, there should be some errors

No erros in Safari Dev tools as Ajax is working in all browsers.

Not too familiar with xCode but can’t see errors there either just my console.log stuff.

With Safari dev tools you can inspect Cordova app running in simulator

SO I eventually figured that out see attached

Так там же написана ошибка.

Issue in the error message. You need to properly set CORS heads on server where you send requests

Thanks for help again.