All new Framework7 v7 just arrived!πŸŽ‰

All new Framework7 v7 just arrived!!:tada::rocket:

  • pure ESM packages
  • Virtual List auto height
  • reworked Calendar appearance
  • new Breadcrumbs component
  • all new Swiper v8
  • hundreds of small fixes and improvements

Full Framework7 v7 changelog

Migration guide from Framework7 v6 to v7


@nolimits4web Cool stuff!

  • Do you plan on writing a blog-post what’s changed and what the benefits are?
  • Does the pure ESM packages feature allow to create smaller builds?

thank you.
you’re amazing


@nolimits4web Wow, awesome work man. Thanks a lot for the release, and congratz!!

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Will the keypad plug-in code be updated as well? It’s broken on version 7.

Plugin updated now


Excellent news and a very important release!
Thank you, Vladimir!

I really appreciate all the effort you guys put into this, you’re awesome.

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Great news and big thanks!
But is it surely stable now for use in production? Or it will be better to wait some time until 7.1.0 ?