Android asset images not generated / Vite bundle how to?

I have created my application using framework7 v.6.3 (f7 core with capacitor).

I generated my app icons with:

$ framework7 assets
$ npx cordova-res

I can see the generated icons in: resources/android/icon/:


and the corresponding splash screens (landscape and portrait) at resources/android/splash

The images are correct (I open them and it shows my customized icon).

Now, I’m generating the android source with:

$ npm run build-capacitor-android
# Sync other files in src/ as they are not present in target:
$ rsync -ia --exclude=assets/ --exclude=js/ --exclude=css/ --exclude=index.html --exclude=app.f7 --delete src/ android/app/src/main/assets/public/

The app looks fine in web and in android, except for the launch icon, which is the capacitor default icon (located at android/app/src/main/res/).

  1. What command do I have to execute in order to generate/copy the icons from resources/android/icon/ to android/app/src/main/res/?

  2. I believe using rsync is the wrong approach to copy my assets in src/. I think I’m supposed to use vite… According to the documentation it says:

There is a Vite bundler setup. It compiles and bundles all “front-end” resources. You should work only with files located in /src folder.

I have checked the vite documentation and I haven’t found how to do it. Any help with that point would be appreciated as well.



According to Framework 7 - Generate assets page, some images should exists under assets-src directory, but in my case that directory is empty (launching framework7 assets --ui displays an empty page with a single button: generate assets, which does nothing). Is that normal?

I was able to solve one of the issues. In order to sync the icons and splash images, I had to execute: npx cordova-res android --skip-config --copy (reference)

Still I don’ know how to sync (instead of my rsync command) all the assets inside src/ (besides js and css, which Vite seems to be packing correctly), npx cap sync is not copying them.