Android keyboard covers input elements

I’m creating a comment screen where I have the “post comment” button at bottom (as toolbar) and the comment text area stay in content part, but when I focus on comment field, the Keyboard shows up and overlap the input submit button. am facing this type of issue on many places.

Does someone have experienced something similar?

Hi , this is a know issue in v1 , in version 2 this is fixed

but if you want fix this in v1 Basically you need to scroll page-content on input focus manually

Am using same message template from v2 but still am facing same issue.

Issue resolved. Am not sure why am getting this error with cordova plugins cordova-plugin-statusbar.

How did u fix this issue? I basically have a swiper slider component where pagination move up on click on text field in android devices not sure what is the issue,i have used swiper-init to initialize swiper automatically. Any work around??