Android performance issues

Are there any modern solutions to having poor android performance with F7, have been using F7 to build mobile apps and the performance on android is pretty bad, many years ago i used F7 and crosswalk and the performance was much better than now days. Is anyone finding an alternative to crosswalk or anything else i can do besides removing touch ripple for use with F7 cause the app is pretty unusable as it sits now with the lag and freezing.

init function: = new Framework7({
            name: 'app',
            theme: 'auto',
            el: '#app',
            id: 'com.test.test',
            panel: {swipe: true,},
            touch: {mdTouchRipple: false},
            routes: obj.get_routes(),
            card: {
                hideNavbarOnOpen: true

How many different devices have you tried running the app on?

I have tried on several mid tier devices like the Motorola g power, Samsung J series, Sony z5. yes if i use the newest Samsung galaxy flagship it runs half way decently but a majority of my users are students using mid to low tier devices so relying on users to have the latest and greatest is not viable to have a usable app.

I have released my app a month ago and its butter smooth on both android and ios.
The only thing you need to do is remove css shadows.

How did you specifically disable that via CSS?

the material design theme im pretty sure disables all box shadows and replaces them with svg backgrounds.

Probably you had a very small DOM size, i think the main thing thats killing the speed is the DOM gets to large for android webview. I believe Cross walk upped some of the settings like render priority from normal to high and enabled a few settings that gave the browser reasonable performance. But now that crosswalk no longer works the default webview cannot cope for the most part. Was curious if there was a alternative but it looks like not.

I don’t think my app DOM is small. the whole app is on a single page. even the template7 code on the same page. and my app have a lot of pages and other elements.

when I first tested the app on android device it was sluggish and not smooth at all. I used iOS theme on both android and iPhone. i did removed all the box-shadow from the cards and that helped a lot. and expandable card was causing issues too.