Android testar wanted

I wonder if anybody has a new android phone that you could please test my new project on?

When I click on any of the images on the start page it animates to the subpage and when i swipe back from left to right on the subpage, it animates back as it should.

I have tested this on my iPhone6s with the latest iOS and the animation and loading time is smooth and fast. Good!

But when I test it on my old Samsung Galaxy S2(I think it is) then the animation between pages are quite slow and staggery, it is not animating smooth at all.

So I think it is because I have and old slow phone and I guess that it is smooth on a newer faster phone? So I wonder if anybody can test my page and see if it animates smooth when navigating to it and when swiping back on the page?
You find it here
Thanks a lot!

Checked on Xiaomi Pocophone with Android 8. Works well and smooth

By the way, you have a lot of box-shadows - this usually works slow on androids

Thanks a lot Vladimir. Good to know that it works smooth :slight_smile:
Yes I know that Android had problems with shadows in the past, but I thought that by now it would work ok. And since it is working smooth for you I guess its ok.
Thanks again!