Angular6 / Framework7

Hi, I’ve been developing an web application using Angular6 and framework7 for a while. I notice that the navbar animation does not apply with angular router. Any suggestion how can i apply framework7 navbar ios animation with Angular6 routing ?

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Anyone here know how to fixed this issue ? Thanks

@joshua, beside the issue itself: I’m quite surprised that there’s not much more public interest by Angular developers in Framework7, because it surely beats Ionic’s UI features.

As I’m also eying on Framework7 for Angular (and Ember) apps, my first bet would be Animated Router Transitions for Angular and Liquid Fire for Ember.

In the case of Ember and Liquid Fire, back then these two videos got me a good start:
Animating in Ember.js with Liquid Fire - Edward Faulkner.

But with Phenome on the horizon and the roadmap towards v4 (See: Framework7 v3 Is Coming Soon), this topic will likely get some upswing and broader support and solutions within these and other frameworks.


I tried with angular7 :slight_smile: Got css and icons working but unlucky the routing does not work… if we just can have a “component” properties like in f7-react that is compatibile with angular component then everything, more or less, will work!

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