Any good alerts like in Boostrap?


I would like to show an alert like in boostrap on ajax fail or success, I cannot find anything in the doc that let me place a bit of js code in the response and shows soemthing pretty like “wrong details, please try again”.

Has anyone managed to find something in the doc please?

Some kind of green, blue, red alerts like in boostrap


In an app you would solve this with a dialog, notification or a toast, depending on the specific use case.

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Thank you, I will check them out.

for bootstrap you’ve sweetalerts

Thanks, never heard of it, this is really nice :slight_smile:

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yes, they’re lovely :heart_eyes:

Yeah, Thanks for the updates, also i do not know about this. It really help me to develop my client’s mobile application as i am owner of the Vrinsoft in the Melbourne Australia.

Thanks again :smile:

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