Any idea when Svelte could be supported?

I used F7 in the past and have some bad experiences because of some nasty slow devices (3rd country world has 3rd world devices =P). Svelte helps a lot on those devices and I read that you are working on a Svelte version.

My last app was made in Flutter (it has 1.5 million downloads), but I really didn’t like it >.< So I was thinking in starting my new projects in Svelte + Cordova instead (but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel).

Bottom line: is there a time reference when an alpha Svelte version would be available? I would love to help on a Svelte version.

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“Cordova” и “slow devices”? Вы это серьезно?

I hope some stable F7-Svelte version will be released closer to the end of the November. But it won’t be significantly faster than Vue/React and for sure it won’t be faster than Flutter app :slight_smile:


But it won’t be significantly faster than Vue/React and for sure it won’t be faster than Flutter app

What’s the reason behind this?

Это странный вопрос, у вас был опыт разработки под мобильники, особенно с использованием Cordova?

Can’t wait for the svelte version!
Any update on the release?

Why do you need this? Vue has almost the same perfomance

Эти данные нужны для того, чтобы людям было чем форумы в интернете заполнять. Используйте что лучше знаете и любите React / Vue / Svelte. Когда будет реальная разработка под мобильники, особенно в Cordova, то вы столкнетесь с такими настоящими проблемами и ограничениями, что ваше сравнение в миллисекундах вообще не о чем.

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this is why he probably needs it.

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DTX, you’re showing a comparison to svelte v1.41.2 done 2 years ago, in November 2017. ( )
Since the current svelte version is 3.16, I’m not sure this performance comparison is accurate or representative .

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The main problem of mobile development on JS is rendering time, not the building VDOM

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Вы имеете ввиду что JS медленно работает с DOM и это вызывает тормоза в мобильниках?

Нет, медленно работает рендеринг(Render --> layout --> paint) дерева DOM. React/Vue используют виртуальный DOM (VDOM) для построения дерева.

Already have a forecast for this development?

Soon, it is already in active progress

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Great! Can’t wait to check it out.

Downloaded the Framework7 svelte repo to try but I get an error when I run Kitchen Sink svelte:dev .

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) http://localhost:3000/kitchen-sink/svelte/js/app.js

There doesn’t seem to be a js folder generated.

It is still in progress but you can try npm run svelte:dev

how to download the Svelte Kitchen Sink?

SyntaxError: Duplicate export 'ActionsButton' (53:2) in C:\Users\Overman\Desktop\f7Svelte\build\svelte\framework7-svelte.esm.js
at Object.pp$4.raise (C:\Users\Overman\Desktop\f7Svelte\node_modules\acorn\dist\acorn.js:2836:15)
at Object.pp$1.checkExport (C:\Users\Overman\Desktop\f7Svelte\node_modules\acorn\dist\acorn.js:1471:14)
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at Object.pp$1.parseExport (C:\Users\Overman\Desktop\f7Svelte\node_modules\acorn\dist\acorn.js:1447:30)
at Object.parseExport (C:\Users\Overman\Desktop\f7Svelte\node_modules\rollup\dist\rollup.js:11626:30)
at Object.pp$1.parseStatement (C:\Users\Overman\Desktop\f7Svelte\node_modules\acorn\dist\acorn.js:863:74)
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at Object.parse (C:\Users\Overman\Desktop\f7Svelte\node_modules\acorn\dist\acorn.js:553:17)
at Function.parse (C:\Users\Overman\Desktop\f7Svelte\node_modules\acorn\dist\acorn.js:576:37)
at Graph.contextParse (C:\Users\Overman\Desktop\f7Svelte\node_modules\rollup\dist\rollup.js:13001:70)
at tryParse (C:\Users\Overman\Desktop\f7Svelte\node_modules\rollup-plugin-commonjs\dist\rollup-plugin-commonjs.cjs.js:267:12)
at checkEsModule (C:\Users\Overman\Desktop\f7Svelte\node_modules\rollup-plugin-commonjs\dist\rollup-plugin-commonjs.cjs.js:281:15)
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at C:\Users\Overman\Desktop\f7Svelte\node_modules\rollup\dist\rollup.js:12899:25 {
  pos: 2243,
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file: 'C:\\Users\\Overman\\Desktop\\f7Svelte\\build\\svelte\\framework7-svelte.esm.js',
line: 53,
column: 2
  raisedAt: 2257,
  frame: '51: export {\n' +
'52:   ActionsButton,\n' +
'53:   ActionsButton,\n' +
'      ^\n' +
'54:   ActionsGroup,\n' +
'55:   ActionsGroup,',
  id: 'C:\\Users\\Overman\\Desktop\\f7Svelte\\build\\svelte\\framework7-svelte.esm.js',
  hook: 'transform',
  code: 'PLUGIN_ERROR',
  plugin: 'commonjs',
  watchFiles: [

Duplicated in export framework7-svelte.esm.js

export {