Any idea when Svelte could be supported?

I used F7 in the past and have some bad experiences because of some nasty slow devices (3rd country world has 3rd world devices =P). Svelte helps a lot on those devices and I read that you are working on a Svelte version.

My last app was made in Flutter (it has 1.5 million downloads), but I really didn’t like it >.< So I was thinking in starting my new projects in Svelte + Cordova instead (but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel).

Bottom line: is there a time reference when an alpha Svelte version would be available? I would love to help on a Svelte version.

“Cordova” и “slow devices”? Вы это серьезно?

I hope some stable F7-Svelte version will be released closer to the end of the November. But it won’t be significantly faster than Vue/React and for sure it won’t be faster than Flutter app :slight_smile:

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