Any plans to support Vite + Svelte?

I was trying to get a barebones Vite+Svelte+F7 project working, but it doesn’t seem to load properly (sorry for the vagueness). I was wondering if anyone actually has a simple Vite config that works with building a F7 web app?

it works without problems. Official Svelte kitchen sink is built with Vite

Thank you! it looks like it work, however the full page seems to reload even if I enable HMR like the following:

  export default {
    plugins: [svelte()],
    resolve: {
      alias: {
        framework7: path.resolve(__dirname, `../../${buildFolder}/core`),
        'framework7-svelte': path.resolve(__dirname, `../../${buildFolder}/svelte`),
+   server: {
+     hmr: true,
+   }

Have you gotten HMR to work with Vite and the kitchen sink repo?

I believe the new @svitejs/vite-plugin-svelte in vite.config.js should help to make HMR work. The only problem is I now run into this error again:

There is something about the way f7 svelte components are created which does not work with Svelte the @svitejs/vite-plugin-svelte sets true

Has anyone gotten this to work when using the CLI to create a project? I would ideally want to replace Webpack with Vite in my project but I’m not sure if that will be possible.