Any visual editor available

i found my self a lot of times in need of a visual way to mocap a page design. is there a tool or a service out there that can do that?

doing this by code is time consuming

Try (as recommended on Ready To Use Framework7 Templates & Tools)

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i used it before for two years. the developers are focused on bootstrap and websites building much more.
during that time it was unfinished product regarding mobile with many missing and broken features for framework7 and i used it as a code editor most of the time

thoriumbuilder seems like a great tool but sadly its mac os only.

thanks for the help!

My advice then would be to use a tool like Adobe XD for design, or a service such as

Other alternatives would be Figma and InVision.

I use Adobe XD when I’m designing an app or website, and although it has limited HTML/CSS export features (predominantly through design-to-code plugins, on the free plugin marketplace) I prefer to use it as the blueprints before then going into Framework7 to replicate the design.

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