App Context inside pageInit

Hi, Look at this snipped taked from the docs:

    path: '/',
    async: async function (routeTo, routeFrom, resolve, reject) {
      // Router instance
      var router = this;
      let app =
           { component: Home},
           { context: { title: "My Title", article, url: "My Url }}
        },  // success

        error: function(xhr, status){
        } // error

I would like to now if there is some way to set the app context inside the on on: { pageInit: function (e, page) {}}.
I need to set the app context after the page initialization, I’ve tried undreds of ways but none work. It is possibile?

Just set it in pageInit handler like:

this.title = 'My Title';
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Console.log says TypeError: this.$update is not a function