and data

If I use:
App.request.json to load data and put it into a variable called myVar

I can then use template 7 with a for-each to show all records/objects on a page. Great.

But how do I just show one record/object from myVar

Index.html —-> AllDataList.html ——> OneObject.html

Can I use template7 in the last page.

{{$root.myVar.0}} -> to show first item in myVar array. You can pass required object index to the OneObject.html page in page query like /one-object/?index={{@index}}. And it is better to use Component page instead of plain Template7 page so you can easier obtain required element

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Ok. Thank you.

In one-object.html I can do:

{{root.myVar}} // this works, show [object,object etc]

{{root.myVar.0}} // works. Show first item.

{{$route.params.index}} // works shows index

{{$root.myVar[0].name}} // shows text of first time

But I cannot get passed parameter…


or better still, {{name}}

Thank you

You need to use Component where you will be able to store it into separate variable.

  Hello {{}}
  return {
    data() {
      item: this.$root.myVar[this.$route.params.index]