App.dialog.login: is it possibile to use different custom input fields inside app.dialog.login?

Is it possible to use the app.dialog.login with different custom input fields?

Screenshot 2020-05-03 at 10.46.49

in my case I need username to become “code” and password will stay the same…
but in some other cases need more than two different custom input fields…

app.dialog.login('input confirmation code and new password to reset it.', '', (code, new_password) => {


                }, () => {


any tips? appreciated!

Нет, нужно создавать через create dialog

do you have a sample of code using app.dialog.create, online there is no any sample showing that or how to add your own custom fields to the dialog this way… thanks

var dialog = app.dialog.create({ /* parameters */ })


You need to pass inputs HTML in content, look here for reference how default one is done

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Thanks Vladimir!
I did not find any sample online about dialog with customised input fields, I will check that and see if I can create my own custom input fields for the dialog! thanks a lot!