App glitching when reopened or landscape changed

Anyone know how to fix this? I’m using an iPhone XS max, whenever I return to the app, the css completely screws up and the navbar goes inside the statusbar. This also happens when the orientation changes.

Also, I’m using PhoneGap.

Here’s a photo of what I mean, the navbar goes into the status bar on iPhone XS max.

Safe areas: ?

No, I’ve tried using safe-areas but the bug still remains. It looks fine until the orientation of the app is changed from portrait to landscape, then back to portrait.

I found this bug report: Seems to be the same issue.

Только что проверил - все прекрасно работает в моем приложении на последней версии F7 и созданном с помощью CLI. Никакого бага нет, ищите ошибку у себя в коде.

Make sure you are using latest F7 version (5.x) and WKWebView in your cordova app