App HTML5 rejected at Apple Store


I have a 7 apps developed with F7 v1 in the Apple Store and are now being rejected.
Is anybody here going through this? If I upgrade to v3 would it solve?

Thank you.

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Have Apple shared any comments why the App has been rejected?

For me sounds like not related to F7. What was the reason for declining your apps?

I had one (F7 as it happens) rejected simply because the word ‘Android’ appeared in the Help Page…


Email received from Apple:

"Guideline 4.0 - Design

We noticed an issue in your app that contributes to a lower quality user experience than Apple users expect:

  • Your app did not include iOS features. App Store apps should use native iOS buttons and include iOS features other than just web views, push notifications, or sharing.

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please revise your app to address all instances of this type of issue.


For information on improving and enhancing your app:

  • Watch the video The Ingredients of Great Apps to understand the basics of great apps.
  • Watch the video iPhone and iPad User Interface Design for practical design tips.
  • Watch iOS Development Videos to learn about programming and design tips.
  • Review the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and ensure that your app’s interface and design adhere to these guidelines."

It seems to me that Apple is starting to reject all kinds of HTML5 app (or the vast majority)…is doing a cleanup at the Apple Store. :confused: