App.lazy.create(); working only one time

I have link for Ajax load but app.lazy.create() just working only 1st time I click the 1st link then the 2nd time in the link It not working.

Or Where I should put app.lazy.create(); ?

<a href="/list/boy/" class="tab-link tab-active" >girl</a>
<a href="/list/girl/" class="tab-link ">boy</a>

routes: [
      path: '/list/:post_mcat/',
      componentUrl: './pages/list.html?post_type={{post_mcat}}',
      id: 'list'

$$(document).on('page:init', '.page[data-name="list-post"]', function (e, page) {
..., postData, function (data) {

i think since the page ist already inited in the 2do click, and you didnt destroy the lazy loader it wont fire again.

Never used lazy loader.
but try destroying it on page afterout and create again on page beforein, instead of init.

Thank you.
It is still not working :disappointed:
I’m little confuse on lazy loader.
So, I think I will not use it. Thank you for your help