and app.on('offline') doesn't work with Cordova

Hi, I am making extensive use of the network features of Framework 7 such as
app.on('online', function(){}) and app.on('offline', function(){}) along with properties such as == true.

I must say that everything works perfectly when I develop and debug with chrome. Events are triggered correctly and properties updated.
Unfortunately when I compile and run on android, these network features don’t work at all. Reading in the Forum I tried to install also Network Information - Apache Cordova but nothing change.

I would like to understand: does Framework7 support these features natively for android + cordova as well? Or do I have to rewrite these network features with external libraries?

Probably some Cordova permissions must be set. But this issue is not related to F7, as these methods/event are just wrapper around native NavigatorOnLine.onLine - Интерфейсы веб API | MDN

You were right.
For all those who will read this post, for Android I solved by installing the following plugin (needed to manage the network) cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-network-information.
After installing the plugin I didn’t need to modify any line of code.