App.request.get method not working in first time when app loads in some android devices

I am getting an issue where app.request.get method is not getting called when application installs for first time. It works further when I close the application and starts again. Please help regarding this matter.

Please, debug your app in browser console. There is something wrong there

But its working in browser. When I install on android devices its not running on first time. If I destroy the application and re run again its working fine. I have added SSL certificate to domain.

It worked for the first API. But for 2nd API the same issue again came. What is the solution of this I am not able to find. Please help or tell me which type of issue is this.
Note : The 1st API worked as I changed the Content-Type to “application/json” in API. It is not working for 2nd API. It throws error code as zero.

You might want to post the block of code that has the request.