App using significant energy


I am using F7 version 4.4.0 in one of my apps, which has a few screens, calls backend api and saves some data on local storage (regulation stuff). When I run it in safari on macOS (Mojave), after running it for few minutes, safari starts showing “This webpage is using significant energy, closing it might save energy”.

Now I know this may just be a warning, but safari only shows it for my app so I am thinking some part of my app is using more energy and I am afraid when deployed on mobile, the app might drain battery a bit.

My question is: Is there some way to identify which part/code of my app is using more energy and causing this warning in safari, so I can optimize it. I created a clean f7 app and used it for sometime but it did not give me the same warning, so it is an issue definitely in some part of my code, I just need some help to figure out how I can find that part and fix it.


This is a known bug in Safari (when using MD theme), you can check this thread for workaround