App wont work like chrome on ios simulator

I compiled and run app on ios simulator. Firstly i coded and designed everything on chrome then i tried to run on ios app and it look similir but i cant do anything on app. Images loading slowly and cant switch tabs or cant click anywhere. Also i cant scroll down on main page so i cant also switch between tabs.

Start of an app like this. and everything working on chrome but not working on simulator(also same at real device)

App console output
[Log] Token kontrol ediliyor.
[Log] token kullanılabilir
[Log] page init
[Log] {Result: false, Data: “”}
[Log] [Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array, Array] (9)

These outputs are expected

please check this link

Moved WKWebView support into Cordova-iOS and removed UIWebView code

Due to this change, the cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine plugin is obsolete and will not work with this release. If you have this plugin installed, it is safe to remove with cordova plugin remove cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine .

Additionaly, WKURLSchemeHandler support has been introduced with this release. Using a custom scheme to serve your app content through fixes CORS issues that exist because of the strict security policies that WKWebView has applied to the file scheme. You can easily configure your Cordova project to use a custom scheme by setting the preference options scheme and hostname in the config.xml file.

<preference name="scheme" value="app" />
<preference name="hostname" value="localhost" />
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