AttyMedia - alpha program

:wave: Hello everyone!

I want to share my latest project built with Framework7. The project is currently live here. This is also a startup project, so I hope to make some recruitment of both developers and testers.

The platform serves as a content monetization platform, but with a quirky policy of monitoring interactions generated by our content on any platform, making it a policing content monetization platform.

Our business model ushers in a new paradigm of fact checking images posted on generic social networking platforms, and places us in pole position to become the most certified fact checkers, due to fact checking against content generated on our platform. This empowers us to write a legal Proposition to popular social networking sites to secure contracts as outsourced fact checkers.

We acknowledge the early demands of this project, and the importance to take the necessary steps needed to vitalize the project. The nascent version of the project permits uploading of content depicting humanoid characters with a definitive amount of unique and original designs. This acknowledges that creative sketch artists play an important role to help vitalize the project. The startup also welcomes seasoned developers onboard who wish to contribute to the development of the platform, and also casual users to facilitate sufficient interactions with content generated on the platform.

All individuals who meet the requirements for contributing towards refinement of the alpha version of the platform will have the privilege to constitute the first class of fact-checkers.

Currently hosted on the site is a demo publication showcasing the standards and format needed for creators to make a publication on the platform. Patronizing the demo publication is requisite to become a member of the development team, but not requisite to become a casual user/tester.

Sign Up Requirements
The site currently lacks a sign up interface, and requires users providing sign up information via email. Additionally, some user information will be auto generated.

To sign up, please provide the following details via email to [email protected]:

  1. Email Title: The email should be titled “Request for Registration on AttyMedia Alpha Test”
  2. Profile Name: A name associated with your user name
  3. Username: Your username which is unique to you

Other information associated with your user account which are auto generated include:

  • Email address: This will be the email address you use to provide sign up information.
  • Password: A password will be auto generated for your account and sent to you in a reply email. You can change your password afterwards.
  • Avatar: Your avatar will be auto generated, and it cannot be changed in the alpha version of site.

Developer Requirements
We are looking for experienced Node.js developers to join our development team. An analytical problem solver with a passion for improvement and a capacity for teamwork some of the desirable qualities we seek in candidates. All Developer applications should strive to meet our Developer checklist:


  • JavaScript
  • Node.js


  • Express JS / Restify
  • BootStrap / Framework7

Technical Qualities

  • Proficiency with front-end technologies like CSS, HTML and JavaScript. (required)
  • Experience in developing UI components (optional)
  • Proficiency in developing web applications (required)
  • Developing most modern security implementations (optional)
  • Excellent in Unit Testing/Functional Testing/Quality Assurance (optional)
  • Familiarity with Git/GitHub (required)
  • Familiarity with a wealth of popular libraries and packages in the JavaScript/Node.js ecosystem (required)
  • Experience developing REST APIs (required)
  • Experience developing microservices (required)
  • Keen on Web Development Best Practices (required)
  • Experience with Database management software: MySQL. (optional)

Developers should also sign up for the site as detailed in Sign Up Requirements, and additionally provide the following within sign up email:

  • Link to GitHub profile
  • Link to some showcase of already completed projects
  • List of most familiarized tech stacks (e.g. MEAN, MERN, LAMP, etc.)
  • List of strengths in our Developer checklist
  • List of weaknesses in our Developer checklist

The Alpha Program
The Alpha Program is currently capped at a capacity of 40 members. Here is the Breakdown:

  • Developers capped at 10 members
  • Sketch Artists capped at 15 members
  • Casual Testers capped at 15 members

Other Concerns
The site has so far been tested on a desktop platform only. If you are experiencing issues with the site on a mobile platform, consider switching to a desktop platform.

To learn more about the platform, and other discussions about the project, join the telegram channel.

To sponsor the project and help us meet our early milestones, kindly consider making a small donation here