Authorization via facebook, google, vk

Authorization via facebook, google, vkontakte

Hello. It is not uncommon for mobile applications to “simplify” the authorization process through social networks.
For example, Google, Facebook, etc.
Here is my task.

Tell me, who did this: what plugins did you use, or where to read the documentation to implement this function?
Thank you in advance.

Facebook sdk, twiter api, firebase auth sdk

Try a video tutorial such as this one for Facebook login Framework7 Facebook login with Firebase (STEP by STEP) - YouTube

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Only work with v5, in v6 is to much diferent

Firebase Authentication works fine in F7 V6. I’m currently using Firebase in developing a new app, and it’s been a very easy process.

This tuto was made in f7 versión 5, sintaxis of f7 have chances in f7