Auto Side Panel Like Brief

I want to use Vue.JS and make side panel like
How can I do this job?

This just a usual link that opens panel and loads pages in panel’s view:

<f7-link panel-open="right" view=".view-right" href="/path/to/something/">

But I need fixed side panel which is responsive.Display in large device and hide on small ones.

Maybe splitview?



But How can I use it in vue.js

you need two views? or just show the panel fixed on big devices and hide on small?
if you dont need the second view, try by adding left breakpoint to F7 init

  // Enable panel left visibility breakpoint
new Vue({
  data() {
    return {
      f7params: {
        routes: [...],
        panel: {
          leftBreakpoint: 960
        // ...

Create it with F7 CLI