Autocomplete broken on {change} event

i’m using an autocomplete with the following data source:

  {"description": "5 K.M. Point"},
  {"description": "50 лет Октября, Oblast' di Mosca, Russia"},
  {"description": "50 лет Октября, Ciuvascia, Russia"},
  {"description": "53 Mile, Himachal Pradesh, India"},
  {"description": "5 Kassi, Pakistan"}

the data source is rendered correctly.

However, the on change event handler receives an array with an undefined value, instead of the selected value(s).

this.autocompleteInstance = this.$f7.autocomplete.create({
  on: {
     change: function(values){
        console.log(values); // === >LOGS [undefined]

Current f7 version: 5.7.10

This code used to work without any problem, but now it does not.

Is this a bug maybe?

have a nice day

@nolimits4web i see that the documentation now reports Arguments: autocomplete, value for the change event. I tried using a function with both parameters ( function(autoc, value) {...} ) but the result is the same.

What am i doing wrong?

Seems like error in docs, change event only emits value array.
Make sure you have properly set valueProperty parameter

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Hello, that fixed it, thank you as always you’re the best!