Autocomplete pre-selected value

I’m using Autocomplete with an array of objects as data source, ex:
[{id: 1, name: "Mike"}, {id: 2, name: "Joe"}, ...]

I need to set a default value, so i tried using the ‘value’ property on create (assuming it’s based on valueProperty… but i couldn’t find anything specific in documentation)

      inputEl: '#autocomplete-dropdown',
      openIn: 'dropdown',
      value: [1], //selected item's ID
      valueProperty: 'id',
      textProperty: 'name',
      source: function(query, render) {

but it doesn’t works. any help? thanks


Dropdown autocomplete is linked to input, so just required value on input element:


For those who want to know, the ‘value’ property is used with openIn == ‘page’ or ‘popup’ to pass the value to the page/popup to display as the current selected value.