Autocomplete with Ajax in Framework7 last version it is not working

in version 2.2 it was working!

I was trying to figure it out why the Autocomplete with Ajax was not working and trying to find if there was an error to init it … but finally I found out that the Autocomplete with Ajax it is not working in the last version of framework7 it stuck when searching and make the browser unresponsive and with the need to refresh it… to exit…

in version 2.2 it is working fine in the last version of framework7 not working anymore…
Please check it! thanks

until vladimir gonna fix it
you can simply replace “query” with "obj.query"
and everything will be ok

// Simple Standalone
self.autocompleteStandaloneSimple = app.autocomplete.create({
  openIn: 'page', 
  openerEl: '#autocomplete-standalone',
  closeOnSelect: true,

//source: function(query, render) {
  source: function(obj, render) {
    var results = [];

  //if(query.length === 0) {
    if(obj.query.length === 0) {

    for(var i = 0; i < fruits.length; i++) {

    //if(fruits[i].toLowerCase().indexOf(query.toLowerCase()) >= 0) results.push(fruits[i]);
      if(fruits[i].toLowerCase().indexOf(obj.query.toLowerCase()) >= 0) results.push(fruits[i]);
  on: {
    change: function(value) {

this also will work

source: function (query, render) {
  var query=query.query;

thanks!!! nice to know!! trying it now that way!