Automatic tablet layout/view

Does Framework7 automatically handle and adapt to tablet layout (landscape view) on its own using responsive CSS? E.g. swipe panels become docked at the side, list becomes multi column etc.

How do we make a Framework7 app that works for phone to work on tablets too? Need to recreate another version of all the pages just for tablets? That’s a huge amount of work, and duplicate HTML.

I think even framework 7 designed for mobile, natively it supports that, I havent tested my application on a tablet but when I change my phone to landscape view my f7 application changes also and fits itself to wider screen, and I think it will do same thing in a tablet.

Some components deals with tablet usage, such as action sheet, you can refer to docs for further questions

Action Sheet can be automatically converted to Popover (for tablets). This button will open Popover on tablets and Action Sheet on phones: