AvatarGen - Avatar Maker

Hi guys,

I want to share my Framework7 project.

AvatarGen - Avatar Maker

Helps users to make avatar right through your mobile phones. Completely offline.

AvatarGen is an avatar generator app. You can choose between simple lovely designed characters.

App Features:

• Seed: It helps you to create various avatars by typing something from your keyboard. Don’t use sensitive or personal data as seed!
• You can choose male, female, human or avataaars to start your character creation.
• The skin color, hair color and clothing color can be customized.
• You can save the creation to your mobile phone and update your social network avatar.
• It works completely offline.
• Share your avatar by sharing your seed text with others.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I use an email address or other sensitive or personal information as a seed?
  • No! Sensitive or personal data should never be used as seed. The seed could be read from the source code. The generated avatar could also reveal the seed.
  • Does a seed always return the same avatar?
  • Yes, as long as the same version of a avatar collection is used, a seed will always return the same avatar.
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