Back button not working on an old Android 7 phone

I have the problem with the back button in android: the onBackKeyDown does not trigger so the application closes. I am using the latest version of the Framework7.
My test device has android 7, i know that this is an old one (it’s a huawei p9 lite) and i have read the topics for android 9 and i know that there are no problems with modern phones :wink:.
Could you tell me where i can find the old version of cordova-app.js file compatible with this old phone ? Thank you in advance

Hmm, anyone ? I just want the old version of cordova-app.js :neutral_face:

Thank you but i had already seen that topic but that one was about a problem with android 9, not 7.
The cordova-app.js has already this ( fix for android 9 but it does not work for android 7.
I have already tested the sample app created using the CLI and it has the same problem in android 7.
I even tried to remove the cordova-plugin-splashscreen plugin but still i have the same problem.
Maybe i should inplement both

document.addEventListener('backbutton', function(event){
}, false);


document.addEventListener('backbutton', onBackKeyDown, false);

in cordova-app.js ?

Maybe you have an issue with your testing device. This code is not for some specific Android version, it is for all Androids, no matter what is the version. If cordova works correctly then it should work everywhere

Ok then, i will check it on some other device.
This one is an Huawei P9 Lite with its stock rom.
Thank you anyway !