Back Button On Phone

Good Day,

I have gotten quite far with Framework7 with only a few questions.

My question is about the Phone Back Button when viewing the app in the Phone Browser.

When I hit the Phone Back Button, it takes me back to the page that called my Framework7 app. It does not take me “Back” like <a href="#" class=“link back”>

How can I make the Phone Back button make the Framework7 app go back like the link?

Again, this is as HTML. Not in Cordova.


Have you enabled pushState for your view? When you initialize your view with pushState: true, the history in your app is added as hash part to the browser url. This allows to navigate back and forth in app history by using the regular browser controls.

Search for pushState on this page of the docs:

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Have not done so. Thanks. Will give it a shot and advise.