Back navigation does not call pageinit

How do i call pageinit when i use the back function to go back previous page.
i have a data details page which display data from localstorage (function in pageinit) and next page is a form to insert data to localstorage. When the insert button click, it will navigate back to data details and display the data.

This is my insert button:
<a class=“link back” @click=“addRoute” href="#">Add Route

my addRoute function is actually add data into locatstorage. And i want to back to previous page which is data details page to display. But when i go back to the data details page, it doesnt show the updated data because it doesnt not call pageinit.

If I didn’t misunderstand, you should use the event “page:beforein”, it fires every time the page is displayed. “page:init” only fires once.

Here you can see all the page events:

Thank you so much!! its work!