Back on page without tabInit

Hi, i’m developing an app and get stuck in a trouble. I have a page with routable tabs, when i enter into the page, the first tab will be checked and the tabInit() of this tab will load, i’m trying to click an button (in this tab), navigate to another page through the app.router.navigate(’/page-teste/’) just to use the navbar with back button, but i don’t want to reload the tab when I click to go back (i’ve used modals but, i cant navigate through modals, right ? or not ?). I would like to keep my tab data as the way it was when i click into the button.

So, anyone have an idea about what to do ?

Set unloadTabContent: false View’s parameter and it will keep once loaded tab content

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Hi, tank you, it almost solve my problem. The tabs didn’t reload when i back to ‘home’ page, but i would like to reload when i change tabs.

I can upload some images if you want to see the app more cleary

Images won’t help, live example or JSFiddle will be more helpful

May i can set unloadTabContent: false by dynamically ?