Back route problem

Hi!. I have three pages. Their names are Rayon, Category, Product, Search. There are links between Rayon and Category, Category and Product, Product and Search.

The pageInit events occurs when I forward through Rayon to Search. But an interesting thing happens when I backword through Search to Rayon by clicking the back buttons.

For example when I click the back button in Search page, first Product page’s pageReInit event occurs, immediately after Category page’s pageInit event occurs. But now Product page is active. Category page is not. Why Category page’s pageInit event accurs?

The same way, when I click the back button in Product page, first Category page’s pageReInit event occurs, immediately after Rayon page’s pageInit event occurs.

Is it normal? If no, what is the problem? If yes, how can I prevent the pageInit events that occurs in seperate pages?

I also noticed that previous page’s init and asyc event executes while currentpage appear on the screen when going backword through pages.

Nothing wrong. Check the DOM. When you are going back, it also preloads previous page for user to be able to do swipe-back to that page. If you don’t need it you can disable relevant View’s parameters