Background image, problems

Hi guys

On my home view I have this background image and it looks fine, but, I have a List View component too in the same view, but, doesen’t show it.

The html file

<div class="page" data-name="home">
   <img class="img_home" src="img/BackGroundDefault.png"> 
  <!-- NavBar -->
  <div class="navbar navbar-transparent">
    <div class="navbar-bg"></div>   
    <div class="navbar-inner">
      <div class="left">

      <div class="title navbar-tipo-letra"></div> 
  <!-- Bottom Toolbar -->
  <div class="toolbar toolbar-bottom toolbar-custom">
    <div class="toolbar-inner">
      <!-- Toolbar links -->
      <a href="#" class="link">
        <i class="icon f7-icons">start</i>
      <a href="/settings/" class="link">
        <i class="icon f7-icons color-white">gear_alt</i>
        <span class="my-color-off">Configurar</span>

  <div class="page-content">
    <div class="list" id="lista-torneos">
      <div class="block">
        <div class="row">
          <div class="img_torneo"><img src=""/></div>

I changed the background image on the first line html file

<div class="page img_home" data-name="home">

Now, the background image doesen’t show complete, but I can see the List View component


    width: 100%;
    height: 100%;
    background: url('../img/BackGroundDefault.png');

I want tho see the background image complete and I want to see the List View too, so what’s wrong?


Try with background-size: cover

Fernando … in addition to, I have another error…

Instead to use background : , I have to use background-image;

Both are the solution, thanks (viva Maradona!!!)


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