Basic App on IOS


Just looking for a straight forward tutorial on how to create a basic app and open it in the emulator.

I’ve got to the point of creating a Cordova app.


npm run build-dev-cordova-ios

But then no idea how to run it in the emulator

Anything along the lines of

cordova run ios

Current working directory is not a Cordova-based project.

This project was built with Cordova.

I’ve even managed to add a plugin using

framework7 cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-audioinput

I can’t really find much info on getting up and running with apps base on IOS or Android, everything seems quite web app based.

Thanks in advance.

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You have 2 options:

  1. Go to cordova folder in your project in terminal cd cordova. And then run cordova run ios
  2. Open cordova/platforms/ios/$YourProjectName.xcworkspace file in Xcode, and run it in emulator from there

Thanks for the info, I had tried it via the folder but received an error about not finding the app file.
I’ll do some investigation later when I’m back on this.