Best practice for loading and accessing data contained in local JSON Data file

I have researched and searched for examples of how to load content data initially and store it in places like app.root.* and, etc.
I have also seen examples of data being acquired/loaded via async at the route level and data() at the component level.
If I wanted to load a single file named like config.json that contained multiple objects keyed by “pageid” (e.g. /wwwroot/pages/:pageid), where would be the best place to store it,
and the optimum way to query it (Route? Component.)

My guess is that multiple pages could be handled via one Component this way where the content could just be placed in the component/template as such {{ pageContent }}.

If it is single json file that the best way probably will be to load it in main JS file assign it to window.something

Thanks for your reply/help nolimits4web. Is there a quick example of that somewhere? Should that be done during app init, or in app.js somewhere?

Doesn’t really matter, depends on your codebase, etc.