Best way to load responsive web site?

I need to create an app that loads a responsive web site(a webshop) from a server that is not mine. Building with
What is the best way to do that?

Without framework7 and in an iframe in the index page that is local with phonegap?

Or can I load an external page in the uiwebview directly with phonegap? So I load the webshop directly in the uiwebview?

Or with framework7 in just one view?

Whats the best way?
Any input appreciated, thanks.

you have two options here:

  • iframe (if that website allows loading in iframe)
  • using cordova in app browser to open it in separate webview on top of the app

Thanks, Vladimir. Im testing with an iframe now and it seams to work.
I can get userids etc from the webpage by sending a postMessage to the app.
Do you think I can get data from the webpage if I use the inappbrowser as well?
Can I use the inappbrowser without any ui? Just a view without the topnav?

Check in app browser preferences, as I remember you can disable UI there

Ok thanks a lot Vladimir.