Best way to store data that can not be backed up or cloned

So i am looking to develop an app for iOS and Android but one of the main things i do not want to happen is for the data stored within the app to be copied during a backup.
With my iphone if i restore it from a backup my apps still have all their saved settings and data, i also know of some other phone cloning/backup services that are meant to make it easier to get all their apps back if someone loses their phone.
However; i would like to make sure the data in my app is only kept and used for that instance of the app on the select device. The app can still be updated and the iOS updated. But the app and all it’s data can never be used on another device, used if the app is removed and reinstalled, copyed to another devices, restored from a backup, cloned, anything.
Does anyonw know of some docs or best practices to do make sure this happens with framework7? On android and iOS.

What tool are you using to compile for ios and android? I have zero ios experience, but vanilla Javascript that F7 is based on does not have, to the best of my knowledge, AppData access. Perhaps your compiler can translate LocalStorage into AppData storage?