Blank screen in webview

hello all, i want to use f7 for my app in android version.
its perfect in the local browser but when i move it to android studio i face a blank screen.
i tested many way but all failed.
also i added these lines of code into my project but again faield!
app & dom7 object loading and i can print them by console.log without any error, but again white screen shows…


im using latest version of f7, 6+ and my sdk version 19-31, , my android version is 10
thank you

anybody is here ??
how can i debug this problem ?

this is my app init, it return “App initialized” but still the page is blank!

 var app = new Framework7({
  el: '#app',
  name: 'My App',
  id: 'com.myapp.test',
  panel: {
    swipe: true,
  routes: [
      path: '/about/',
      url: 'about.html',

on: {
    init: function () {
      console.log('App initialized');
    pageInit: function () {
      console.log('Page initialized');

I can only suggest to connect your device to computer and use remote debugging in Chrome to see maybe there are some errors in console

thank you for your response ,
but there is no error in my log and even i can run this code

var device = Framework7.getDevice();

and the result you see in the picture.
i tried several ways like activating asset loader in android, but nothing happend.
after adding css to the page, the page will going to be blank.

when i change webview history and address multiple times, it give me such this error :

webview baseUrl = “”

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘split’) at 11673 of https://x.yz/assets/app/framework7-bundle.js

but when the baseUrl=“file:///android_asset/” there is no error, but still the page is blank

i chekced both F7 and onsen demo page on webview diectly but none of them open on webview.

both of them goes blank and i dont know why!

finally found the answer!
for those who will have problem same as me :

when we using webview with nestedscrollview the webview’s height is set to wrap_content and this cause problem. we must use an absolute height for webview.