Blank white screen while getting data from cache (localStorage)

Hello everyone,

Our app based on Vue.js and using tokens for authorization and if User was authorized before, token is loading from cache (javascript localStorage).

After many debug sessions we see that sometimes it happens that users catch blank white screen, and most of the time they do not. We guess (but not confident) that it is problem with localStorage, because before we have started to use it everything was fine. If anyone bumped into this bug, could you tip how to fix it?

Details of our app:

  1. We are using tabbar navigation with main view set up.

  2. App is working without errors and warnings in console.

  3. Auth is checked by method, using v-if statement on f-view inside app.vue file, like this:

    < f7-view v-if="!isAuthenticated()" id=“view-login” name=“login” url="/login/" ></ f7-view >
    < f7-views tabs >
    < f7-toolbar tabbar labels bottom >
    //… toolbar tabs
    < / f7-toolbar >

    //... main app views

    </ f7-views >

    Many thanks beforehands!

Hello Vicimator,

I have the same problem on my React application using ViteJS.

I think that it comes from localStorage because, to solve this problem, i have to clear Local Storage of user Session through Chrome DevTools.

Did you find the solution for your issue ?

Thanks, have a nice day.