Bookmark a page and SEO

Hello everyone! I’m brand new to F7 after working with jQuery Mobile for the past 6 years. Having a hard time wrapping my head around routes, views, pushState, etc.

Is it possible to bookmark a sub page from a desktop browser? For example

From the examples I’m seeing so far I don’t see any html/body tags in the sub pages… only the div content of the page.

My question is. Can the subpages/views have html, head, title, meta and body tags? Can you direct me to some documentation so I can read about it?

I’ve looked at the Kitchen Sink examples but I can’t see any good examples of pushState and bookmarking individual pages and best practices for SEO.

Excited to use Framework 7 for my next project… Please help! Thanks in advance.

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Because it is a mobile-apps first framework there is no anything here about SEO. But all the rules that relevant for SEO in single page apps are relevant here

Just google “SEO in SPA” and you’ll find a bunch of solutions

Thanks. But can a user link directly to a sub page? Or do they need to always start at the main view?

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You need to enable pushState View’s parameter to be able to do this

Few things that I am aware about SEO of single page apps is that there two types of rendering that needs to be considered when developing the app. Server side rendering and pre-rendering. Both types of rendering are SEO friendly because the Googlebots can easily crawl this type of app.