Browser links to app pages


This question (or rather similar questions) have been asked multiple times. I am still confused!

I have a cordova+vue+f7 app (opensource, which is an android app as well as a web app. The web app is running here ( I generate it using cordova build --prod command. And I serve the resultant static site from www directory using apache server (This works well but not sure if this is the right way?).

Now, I want some links mapped to internal pages. For example may open page /venue (defined in routes.js) or may open /events/upcoming link. Currently users have to go to main page ( and navigate from there.

  1. Is it possible to do?
  2. pushState seems to do its job when cordova run is used on my local machine but my website breaks when I generate it using cordova build --prod. I guess pushState can’t be used if serving with apache?
  3. On the local machine, even with pushState enable, I am not able to redicted!/venues to /venues route.? It shows GET errror.

May be I am missing something fundamental? Any pointer to existing source code or kitchen sink example would greatly help.


For website you should run different command, check generated readme. cordova command build is for running ONLY under cordova