BrowserHistory didn’t work properly in tabbed app created by CLI

Hi there,

I’ve just created a simple web app using the CLI: simple web app, Framework7 with Vue.js, Tabbed View, webpack, less. In order to make the url address update when app route changes, I add following code in app.vue:

After that, the first tab works fine:

But the second and the third tabs not. When click these two tabs, the view doesn’t show correctly, and the url doesn’t update:

Can anyone help with this? Many thanks.

Look at docs, browserHistory works ONLY for main view, and it is not supported for navigation (switching) Views/Tabs

I have the same problem, is there any workaround for this?

Handle history manually with tab switching

I’m having the same issue, but since browserhistory only works for main view,
I would to know what you meant by handle history manually

Can you elaborate on how you would accomplish this? Thanks!