browserHistory: false shows current route inside opened tab

I have this route:


        path: '/add-to-readlist/:id',

        options: {

            openIn: device.cordova ? "sheet" : "popup",

            animate: animations,

            browserHistory: false,


        componentUrl: '/ajax_comps.php?link1=addToReadlist&id={{id}}',


The problem is when I add browserHistory: false, to the options, the opened popup show the current route inside the popup instead of the “add-to-readlist” route.
Any help?

After looking into the problem,
It seems to be a problem with openIn: “popup” route option when compined with browserHistory: false
Is it a bug? Or am I missing something?

Here is a replication of the problem:
infallible-engelbart-f52ehn - CodeSandbox
Hope you could help :smile:

Any help? Still can’t solve this problem