Bug: Card-expandable loses formatting on touch-hold

I’ve posted an issue on GitHub but I thought I’d share here also, in the hopes that others can replicate the bug and see if it’s not just my setup.

When using expandable cards, they behave as expected on desktop Chrome & Safari:

  1. User touches a card
  2. It shrinks/scales back during the touch-hold period (ie when touch is held down)
  3. Card animates into full-screen view when touch is released

But if you use a physical device (I’m using an iPhone 6 on iOS 12.4.5) or if you test in the iOS simulator (I’ve tried iPhone 8 on iOS13) the behaviour changes to this:

  1. User touches a card
  2. It shrinks/scales back at the beginning of the touch-hold period
  3. After a small delay, while touch-hold is sustained, the card loses formatting. Border-radius is reset to 0, and the overflow spills out towards the right and bottom.
  4. When touch is released, card animates full-screen as expected.

This isn’t just in apps I’m working on… It also occurs when using the F7 Kitchen Sink demo when viewed on a physical device. It also occurs when the app is set up to not recieve long-tap events.

Can anyone else confirm they’re seeing this bug? Apologies if this has been posted/reported already.

This was fixed in latest update

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